Soft skills are also uniquely human. In a workplace and job market changing at high speed because of technological advancement, they are the type of skills that cannot, thus far, be replicated by artificial intelligence (AI). This will only increase their importance in the future.

Higher order thinking skills, or "HOTS" for short, takes thinking to higher levels than restating the facts. HOTS requires that we do something with the facts. Based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, a framework for teaching thinking the HOT skills include Problem Solving, Decision Making and Creative Thinking.

About the HOTSAPP Project

HOTSAPP was designed to develop a Higher-Order Thinking Skills Apps Training Platform to help VET Students cultivate this key Soft Skill.  

Designed using Heuristic Pedagogy and Game-Based Learning the HOTSAPP Platform contains 18 Higher-Order Thinking Skills learning Apps in English, German and Danish

By using the HOTSAPP Platform VET Teachers and Trainers can give their VET Students an edge in an increasingly competitive labour market by enabling them to bring Higher-Order Thinking Skills to their chosen vocation.

The one year HOTSAPP project will hold three transnational meetings to plan, design and create the Higher-Order Thinking Skills Apps Training Platform which will be showcased at the HOTSAPP Conference in International Business College in Kolding, Denmark on the 7th of June 2023.


The goal of the project HOTSAPP is to develop an APPS TRAINING PLATFORM (ATP) for developing Higher-Order Thinking Skills through a collection of 18 LEARNING APPs for training in English, German and Danish. This ATP is designed using heuristic pedagogy and game-based learning for VET students to adapt and apply these methodologies in their vocation for their skilling, upskilling or re-skilling. It will contribute towards enhancing employability prospects in vocational education and training by developing key competence.


Project HOTSAPP is scheduled for 12 months and will implement the following activities:

- design and creation of an APPS TRAINING PLATFORM for developing Higher-Order Thinking Skills. The ATP has a collection of 18 LEARNING APPs in English, German and Danish.

- Transnational meetings for planning the implementation, for conducting an interim review and for ensuring sustainability

- A conference to dissemination the project results

- Project management reports/documentations


The project coordinator INQS, Ireland and the project partner META4, Austria, which are  VET centres working closely with the private sector, together with IBC, a secondary level Business-VET school in Denmark will improve their project management competence. All partners will enhance their awareness of European dimension of competence development.

The project will develop the following 2 results:

1. an Apps Training Platform (comprising of 18 APPs in English, German and Danish) for learning of Higher Order Thinking Skills 

2. Poject management reports

3. Dissemination and Final Conference


APPs based Training Platform for developing Higher-Order Thinking Skills




The HOTSAPP-ATP for Higher-Order Thinking Skills training has        30 APPs in 3 languages:

10 APPs in English

10 APPs in German

10 APPs in Danish

VET teachers and trainers can use these learning APPs as a digital resource. This Apps Training Platform is a helpful educational tool for VET teachers and trainers who want to use new learning procedures to help students enhance their skills and increase their chances of finding a job.


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